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Some Selected Projects

We assisted an Asian Wire & Cable company in a project to build a green field power cable factory. Our scope has been to specify and select the cable products together with the customer, define production processes, flows and lay-out, calculate plant capacity and bottlenecks and assist in machinery purchasing process. Cooperation continues.

A major cable maker faced problems with their 500 kV subsea flexible joint. We analysed the situation by going through the complete jointing process from cable straightening to testing. A redesign of jointing process, tools and testing was made in order to minimise voids, protrusion of semiconductive material and to minimise residue gasses.   

With number of key cable makers we have developed a thermoplastic polypropylene based insulation system, PPC, for medium and high voltage cables to be an alternative XLPE in the industry. System consists of bonded and strippable semiconductive materials and insulation material. PPC provides the customers faster lead time, higher output, lower overall manufacturing costs and it is recyclable. Some twenty type tests has been made and passed over the, approximately, 5 years of development work. More information on our Products page.

We are hot! More projects will be introduced shortly.